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Vacuum-formed Products

With decades of experience and thermoforming manufacturing operations strategically located throughout the China, Amity Packaging is your source for all types of thermoformed packaging.

Plastic Trays
Blister Packs
Thermoformed Containers
Plastic Trays

Common uses for a plastic thermoformed tray include packaging inserts or shipping trays. Depending on the end use, plastic materials used to manufacture a tray can vary. For shipping, storage, and material handling trays, less costly materials can be used to provide a durable and protective tray without the need for clarity. Our design team will work with you to determine the best design and material for your application. All trays are carefully manufactured and stack packed to insure quality and ease of use at your plant, plus save on shipping and storage. If a separate lid is required, we can design and manufacture this as well, or you may want to inquire about a clamshell tray. We will be happy to review your needs for all types of plastic trays.

Clamshell Packaging

We do more than just sell clamshell packaging, we sell packaging solutions. Our design team will work with you to create a clamshell package that not only functions well, but adds to the aesthetic appeal of your product. Working with you, we design clamshells, build the production tooling, and ship the product on time at a competitive price.

Clamshells come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The most popular is the standard clamshell box. Popular for packaging everything from fishing lures to thumb tacks, these plastic clamshell boxes are perfect for merchandising items. The primary benefit is visual inspection by the customer without opening the clamshell package!  Stock clamshells are available in over 200 options. In addition, clamshells can be custom designed for your specific application.

Blister Packs

Blister packaging, or blister packs as they are often called, are an inexpensive option for creating packages that are durable, transparent, and tamper proof. Showcase your product in the best possible manner with a custom designed blister pack. Although we strive to provide our customers a very competitive price, we will not sacrifice quality of any blister packaging to do so. All products are tested for clarity, wall thickness, and dimensional compliance before the blister pack leaves our plant.

A clear plastic blister pack can be used in conjunction with a cardboard blister card to keep the product in full view for the customer to examine. The blister packaging is attached to the blister card through a heat-sealing process that allows the product to be displayed in a wide variety of methods. While this heat sealing process can be done with highly automated equipment, the use of blister packs is somewhat limited to light weight items. For heavier contents, a plastic clamshell would be an excellent consideration.

Custom Thermoformed Containers

Although the majority of thermoformed packaging can be classified as either clamshells, blisters, or trays, many of the products that we make are actually custom designed solutions to unique packaging applications. Oftentimes, the best thermoformed packaging solution is the one that is custom designed to meet every need of a specific application. Typical examples would be packaging inserts and clear custom containers. Inserts are designed to hold a group of products within a carton, such as votive candles, game pieces, small hardware items and much more. Custom containers, often larger, are used for holding delicate parts during shipment and storage.