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Clear Plastic Boxes

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Clear Box Packaging

Packaging is a crucial aspect of your product development. In addition to protecting your products during shipping, storage, and retail display, packaging increases brand awareness for the customer. In fact, packaging strongly influences the way a customer sees your product and their subsequent purchasing decisions. Market research indicates that customers are more likely to buy a product if they can see it directly. Clear product packaging has proven to be one of the most successful packaging methods on the market today.

The eye-tracking laboratory at Clemson University’s CUshop used mobile tracking glasses from Tobii to gauge consumers’ visual responses. Fixation counts: Plastic packages were 675 percent more likely to grab a shopper’s eyes than paperboard containers. Participant behavior indicated they were approximately four times more likely to take home a product housed in a transparent package than the exact same product put inside a paperboard container.

The Importance of Clear Box Packaging

With clear box packaging, you can customize your branding to stand out visually and address customers’ desire to see the product before purchasing it. Effective clear box packaging displays the product in an appealing, eye-catching way that results in higher purchase rates. Customers who can see what they are buying are more likely to be satisfied with the product.

The versatility of clear box packaging makes it easy to tailor to the dimensions or protective needs of your product. Clear box packaging also protects your product throughout transit and storage, reducing the potential for lost sales due to product damage. With its uniform shape and size, this packaging is easy to transport, store, and display, making it a favorite for warehouses, distributors, and retailers alike.

Type of Clear Box Packaging

PET Packaging

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is a recyclable plastic polymer common in a range of clear product packaging applications. PET is lightweight yet durable, it is easy to handle, can create retail boxes that ship flat, take up less space, are lighter and more sustainable, and it maintains its structural integrity during shipping and warehousing. It is also chemically inert and easy to customize with printed designs, images, and text to promote your brand. PET is the most used plastic in the world and is the easiest to recycle.

PVC Packaging

Clear plastic PVC packaging offers higher impact strength and scratch resistance than some other plastics. The material’s surface retains printed, stamped, and debossed decorations. Its attractive appearance and extreme durability make PVC the preferred material for retail items such as food, beverages, cosmetics, beauty, and pharmaceutical products.

Polypropylene (PP) Packaging

Polypropylene’s strength and flexibility-even under repeated bending or torsion-are particularly valuable for living hinges. Available in a variety of colors, tints, and opacities, polypropylene is usually not completely clear. Instead, its unique frosted appearance can provide some product visibility while accommodating eye-catching colors, foil stamping, embossing, and other printing designs. Polypropylene is ideal for cartons, kits, portfolios, and other applications that are intended for repeated use.

Benefits of Clear Box Packaging

The advantages of PTP’s clear box packaging are evident in our customers’ higher sales and greater consumer satisfaction. The primary benefits of our clear box packaging include:

Our clear box packaging allows customers to examine the product directly and visualize how it will fit into their life. This level of visualization is not possible by merely seeing an image of the product.

Clear Folding Box Packaging Applications

Clear Box Packaging From Amity Packaging

Amity Packaging is an industry leader in the development and manufacture of custom, high-quality clear box packaging solutions. Our team of designers and manufacturing professionals has extensive experience with a variety of materials from SBS clear window boxes, and clear folding boxes to the latest in our sustainable Post-Consumer Recycled Eco-PET Series. Our seasoned experts can create clear plastic cartons and boxes with a variety of printing and decorating methods, including offset printing, silk-screening, embossing, and hot or cold foil stamping. We can even modify the color of your packaging and imbue it with your own branded scent.


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Thank you all for your patience and care for this project!”

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